May 21, 2016
by coconuts

How to Pick the right Limousine

Many young adults are really looking forward to proms and want to appear in their best while some of them can even purchase or rent clothes they will put on just for that night and make sure that they make it special day. There is tendency for you to experience great excitement when you were at this younger age. Indeed, it is an excited occasion for them and somehow gets limousine service pick them up in their homes is something that can make the occasion a memorable one.

Following suggestions are given by my uncle who do roofing in New braunfels so when you make your choice among the varieties of limousine service providers in your location, you need to know some essential things you must put into consideration.

The first thing to consider is how long a certain limousine service company has been in hiring business. The reason for this is that, it is the only way to have the good idea concerning the reliability of the company and the quality of the services which they offer.

Truly, you must ensure that the limousine company is functioning legally with license and authority from the Federal offices to run their vehicles. This is highly recommended as this will enable you to check them whether they follow the rules and regulations of the laws and to make sure they are concerns with the customers satisfaction. Apart from this, they should be able to show you their insurance in case any mishap at the course of the service. Therefore, it is very important that you check for their Certificate of Coverage before you hire any of them.

If you have made up your mind to choose the limousine you want to use for your occasion, you can do it personally as you visit their service centers or go online and check for the vehicles and prices by yourself. From there, you will discover that it is only the prices that are different while the capacity range is between 6 and 14 passengers. Later, it is the type of limousine service you choose that will be based on your requirements and your budget.

You can also consider the significance of hiring a limousine service in your locality whereby you will have to spend more money more so that those limo service providers that need to travel far will just come to your place and charge you extra fees. The charges on limousine services vary from one company to another therefore; make sure you ask about it before you finally conclude on which one to choose.


June 29, 2015
by coconuts

How to find yourself in the cheap seats (in a good way!)

Everyone deserves a little get away every now and then, but most of us spend more time in a chair in front of our computers trying to track down the most affordable flight than we do in an aisle seat cruising at 30,000 feet. It’s not your fault; airlines are always looking to make an extra dollar. In fact, IdeaWorks reports that U.S. airlines made $31.5 billion off ancillary fees in 2013 (that’s your baggage, extra foot room, WiFi and food — oh my!).

But fret not, we have some simple trips for how to find cheap flights so you can snap up the best deal and get on with more important things, like packing. Heres some tips from our friends at the San Antonio Limousine Service.


Whether you’re planning ahead for the trip of a lifetime or scoping out an impromptu break, remember not to sweat it if travel dates, airports or even destinations need to be adjusted for savings. try to find a local travel blog, like this one in New Braunfels. New Braunfels Activities. This way you can find some inexpensive things to do. Worst case scenario you spend an extra night in France and get to stroll down the Champs Elysee or see Great Uncle Sal in North Dakota for the first time in years. Flying into a nearby airport can mean getting to take a scenic bus or train ride. Remember, the journey is just as important as the destination.


There are a gajillion search engines out there designed to help travelers find the right flight for the right price but some do their job a little better than others. Try SkyScanner, Cheap Flights or Hipmunk. All offer easy-to-use search platforms and can help you package hotels with flights. (Be careful not to enter your search too often. If you want better search results, try an Austin Seo Agency. Flight prices will increase based on the saved searches in your browser.) SkyScanner, Cheap Flights and Hipmunk also offer flexible search options, so you can determine if it’s cheaper to fly a day or two before or after your planned departure date or even show you flights or an entire month.


Don’t be afraid to split your lengthy trip cross-country or across the Pond into two sections. If a direct flight is too pricey, then try booking two separate flights and seeing if the price is right — especially if your “direct” flight has a layover in one of the major U.S. hubs, like Chicago, New York (JFK or La Guardia), or Atlanta. You can even book one leg of the trip with one airline and the next with another. One rule of thumb to remember: Never book flights without giving yourself plenty of layover time You don’t want to be caught stuck on the tarmac knowing you’ll never make your connection.


One of the best ways to book a cheap flight (especially when traveling to Europe) is to simply forget initial destination and get yourself there. Kayak Explore let’s you set the month you want to start seeing the world and shows you the cheapest flights from your departure city to airports all across Europe. Sure, you want to end up in Vienna, but if flying into Berlin shaves off big bucks, then you’ll have some dough to spend sight-seeing after you’ve paid for that cheap flight.


lf you’d rather stick to an airline that’s caught your fancy, start racking up points toward future flights, by becoming a frequent flyer with that airline. You might not always save money on flights, but soon you’ll have access to perks ranging from meal tickets to a free extra checked bag or access to the airlines premiere club. Anyway you save it, it’s money in your pocket. So stop slogging through unsuccessful searches. Just remember the smart steps to find cheap flights!


June 29, 2015
by coconuts

How To Find Cheap Travel Accommodation

Getting accommodation is among the significant fixed costs travelers have to bear. Most people are always pondering on how to find cheap travel accommodation so as to bring the expenditure down. This is because that could mean the difference between draining their bank account and having a peace of mind once they reach their destination. It wouldn’t be a surprise for some to sleep in a barn were it the cheapest accommodation available. Fortunately, the suggestions stipulated below will help travelers in finding a decent place and at the same time cushion their wallets.

One of the most reliable ways to obtain free accommodation is by visiting someone who resides at the place you are going. This could be a friend or a referral to a local who will provide you with a free place to stay. This has an added advantage because the person will provide you with local information and you will also have someone to hang out with

Hostels are also an excellent option when wondering how to find cheap travel accommodation. The public opinion that hostels are gross places customized for young people isn’t true. Many are designed to host solo or group travelers by providing single and double rooms, as well as dorms. If the travel involves a group, you can pay for an entire dorm so that you don’t have to share with strangers.

Another viable way of how to find cheap travel accommodation is a household exchange program. This entails swapping homes with someone from a different country for a particular amount of time This method is growing in popularity as a result of proper marketing on the Internet. It comes in handy when traveling abroad.

Short term rentals also ought to be considered. These apartments provide more amenities than hotels and are sometimes cheaper. They are the best if you are to stay for more than a week in one location. It will be a home away from home because you will be able to enjoy the same comforts at no extra cost.

Farm stays provide both fun and affordability. You get to stay at a farm, and if you wish, you can get involved in the different farm activities such as cow milking. Various facilities are made available, and they range from common camping to luxurious rooms. This is comparable to residing at a bed and breakfast.

Refrain from the hotel option. Consider any of the named recommendations to lower accommodation costs. The freed-up money could be used for other activities that will make the travel experience worthwhile.